arcserve-KB : Creating basic disks using the DiskPart command

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:53:35 UTC


Creating basic disks using the DiskPart command.



1. Select a disk, whether it is raw or dynamic disk, and convert it to basic storage type.


Display existing disks.

DISKPART>list disk

DISKPART>list volume

Create the boot and system volume on disk 0


DISKPART>select disk 0

(Optional) Convert to GPT style, if needed

DISKPART>convert gpt

2. Create basic volumes for the System and Boot volume.

Create System volume

DISKPART>create partition primary size=100

Create Boot volume

DISKPART>create partition primary

DISKPART> list volume

3. Mark system partition as active.

DISKPART>list partition

DISKPART>select partition 1


Check the status of the system volume.

DISKPART> detail partition.

Note: Use active command only for the system partition.

4. (Optional) Assign the volume a drive letter and format it.

DISKPART>list volume

DISKPART>select volume 2

DISKPART>assign letter=C

DISKPART>format quick

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