arcserve-KB : Creating Oracle HA Scenario on Master with Multiple Instances of Oracle

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:54:38 UTC


Creating  Oracle HA Scenario on Master with Multiple Instances of Oracle

With RHA 16.5 users can protect multiple instances of Oracle with a single scenario.

To create a scenario to protect multiple Instances of Oracle, open the ARCserve RHA Manager.

Pull down the Scenario Menu and click on New


The Scenario Creation Wizard will pop up.  Select “Create a New Scenario” option and select the group the user wants to create the scenario.


In the next screen, select the Server Type as “Oracle Database” .  Select the Product type as “High Availability Scenario”.   If the user has the license for “Integrity Testing (AR)”, select the check box next to “Integrity Testing for Assured Recovery (AR)”

In the next screen, enter the scenario name along with the Master and Replica Server name.


If the user had selected the option to “Verify CA ARCserve RHA Engine on Hosts” option in the while creating the scenario the user will be directed to the below screen which shows the current version of the engines installed on both Master and Replica.

The next screen will display the instances on the Master Server.  Click the column next to “DBA User Account”.

The below popup will appear for the user to input the Password for the Oracle User “System”

If all the Oracle instances have the same password for the user “System”, the user can enter the password once and click on the “Apply to All” option.  If the Oracle instances have different password for the user “System”, the user will have to input the password for each instances independently


After the user inputs the system password for the Oracle instances and clicks “OK”, RHA will auto discover the database files for each instance.  The user can verify the same and click next. 

The following screen will be Scenario Properties followed by “Host” and “Switchover” Properties.

In the Switchover Properties, users can select the switchover method they want to user during the switchover.  By default the “Redirect DNS” option is selected as the switchover method.  Users also have the option to select “Move IP” or use “User Defined Script” as the switchover option.

Please note “Switch Computer Name” Option is not available as a “Switchover Option” for Oracle Scenario.

After selecting the appropriate “Network Traffic Redirection” method for the scenario, click ok and it will proceed to the Scenario Verification Screen.   

Now, the Oracle scenario with multiple instances is created.  Click Next and the Scenario Summary will be displayed.  You can click on the “Run Now” Option in the Scenario Summary Screen to run the scenario or click Finish if you want to run the scenario at a later time.



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