arcserve-KB : Upgrading to arcserve RHA 16.5

Last Update: 2016-04-12 11:47:22 UTC


Description:    Upgrading to 16.5

  1.  Stop the scenario(s) in Ca ARCserve RHA manager & close out of all the windows pertaining to Ca ARCserve  RHA.
  2.  Upgrade the Control Service first by running setup.exe and selecting 'Install Components' & select ' Install

            Ca ARCserve RHA Control Service'

       3   If you are not planning to upgrade the Master and Replica servers at once, make sure you upgrade the Master before  the Replica. Backward replication is not supported until both servers are upgraded. 

       4.  You can also use the remote engine installer to upgrade the master and replica engines from the RHA manager once you have upgraded the manager.  For instructions on doing this, review the following article:

     For HA scenarios, you must upgrade Master and Replica servers at once.

NOTE : The upgrade process will not require a reboot. 

More Information:  16.5 can be found here:

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