arcserve-KB : How to add a New Cloud Account in RHA r16.5

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:55:45 UTC


This document provides steps on how to add new cloud account in RHA r16.5

1. In the 'Cloud View' tab click the Add Cloud Account button click the add cloud account toolbar button on the toolbar.

The Add Cloud Account dialog opens.

2. Enter information in the following fields:

    Cloud Provider

Specifies the name of the cloud provider service.

    Cloud Account

Specifies the cloud account; typically this is the email address you used to register your AWS account.

    Access Key ID

Lets you enter the access key ID for your AWS account.

    Secret Access Key

Lets you enter the secret access key provided by your AWS account.

    (Optional) Use proxy to connect to the cloud service
           Lets you specify whether to use a web proxy to communicate with the AWS web services server. If you select this check box              to enable this option, ensure that you have first configured this proxy.
Note: The information required for these fields can be obtained from your AWS account home page using the Security Credentials tab  as shown here:

3. Click OK.

The Add Cloud Account dialog closes. The cloud account displays in the Cloud View panel as a registered cloud account, and it displays all of the EC2 instances that belong to that account.

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