arcserve-KB : How to manually add custom services in an existing scenario.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:55:39 UTC


This document explains how to add custom services in an existing scenario so that RHA will manage them.  This means these services will be stopped on the inactive host during scenario run and started on the host we are making active during a switchover.

1. Stop the scenario from running and select the master in the left hand pane, then in the right hand pane go to the root directories tab.


2. The current status of custom services showing status 0 service(s) selected.


3. To add custom services, right click on custom services and click on browse and select services.


4. Select services from custom service management and click ok.  Note, you can also select the order in which the services will be started if you are selecting more than 1.


5. The custom service(s) selected is added in master root directories successfully.

6. Save the scenario and run it again by clicking the run button.

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