arcserve-KB : How to enable SMTP authentication for your smtp relay mail server

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:54:26 UTC


Description:  In Arcserve RHA version 16.5 you have the ability to setup email notifications and email reporting, to do this you must specify a mail server for these emails to be sent through.  You now have the ability to specify additional settings such as: the SMTP server's port number, as well as various authentication methods like: auth-login, auth-plain, and cram-md5.


Solution:  To specify or enable any of these new settings go to a location where mail server settings are configured.  They are configured on the properties tab for the scenario level, master level, and replica level.  They are also configured under both event notifications and reports, this makes a total of at least 6 places you can configure these new SMTP settings.  For now we will look at one place, let's click on the scenario level in the left hand pane and in the right hand pane go to the properties tab and expand Event Notification.  If it isn't already turn 'Notify by Email' to 'on'.  Now you can specify the name or IP of your SMTP relay server and the port number it uses (the default port for SMTP is 25). 

Next you can click where it says 'Click here to set Mail Authentication' in order to pick the authentication method you want to use:

Click the check box next to 'Requires Authentication' if your smtp server requires authentication and enter the credentials

Click the check box next to 'Enable HTTP Proxy Settings' if your smtp server uses an HTTP proxy and enter your credentials.

When you are done click 'ok' and then save the scenario.


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