arcserve-KB : How to retain the installation account of current windows logon / Ca arcserve RHA Control service.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:46:13 UTC



How to retain the installation of current logon account of windows / Ca ARCserve RHA Control service.

Once you have successfully logged on to Ca ARCserve RHA control service and launched Ca ARCserve RHA Manager

by clicking 'Scenario Management' link in overview page; Click on 'Remote Installer ' tab and right-click anywhere

to select 'Launch Remote Installer' as shown in below screenshots :


Once you are in the 'Remote installer tab, 


Once you have clicked 'Launch Rmote Installer'  select the appropriate host as shown in below screenshot to install

the engine and click 'Next'


Once you clicked next please make sure you are retaining the radio button selected against 'Current user' which will start

installation of  Ca ARCserve RHA Engine account of current windows logon  / Ca ARCserve RHA Control service as shown below :


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