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arcserve-KB : Recovering Active Server for a Distributed Group in sharepoint farms

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:11:11 UTC



Recovering Active Server for a Distributed Group in sharepoint farms

You can also forcibly make the Master or Replica server the active server without completing the data synchronization process for a group. This recovery process id used to resolve the split-farm problem.

1. Ensure all scenarios are stopped.
2. Select the group node in the Manager and select Recover Active Server from the Tools menu.
The group node performs verification, and lists the results of each scenario in a row.
Note: You must consider the different types of scenarios before performing the recovery process. For all scenarios running on the server to be recovered, note which servers are active. Decide which servers you wish to force into the active role.
3. Select either Make Master Active or Make Replica Active depending onto which server you want to force the active role.
If the Recover Active Server method does not solve the problem, you can manually recover a server as per the link below :
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