arcserve-KB : How to determine if a users credentials have the ability to use the VCenter API in a arcserve RHA Full System HA to VCenter scenario

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:48:11 UTC



This document explains a manual process that can be used to troubleshoot if the user that you supplied during the scenario creation wizard or the virtual platform settings wizard has the ability to browse and access the VMWare VCenter/VSphere API for scenario creation and control.

Follow the below instructions to perform the verification:


  1. Open Internet Explorer and put in the address bar (use the same information you used in the Scenario Wizard i.e IP or hostname): http:///mob
  2. Use the user that you have to connect to the VCenter host (this may or may not be the same user as the engine)

  1. Then click on the “content” link


  1. Then find the “rootfolder” Name in the left side and click on the Datacenter group name for the Datacenter you are attempting to read the resource pool information from

  1. Then click on the link in the “childEntity” row

  1. Then click on the link next to row “hostFolder”

  1. Then you can click on the link in the “childEntity” row:

  1. Then the “resourcePool” row link:

  1. And you should be able to browse the resource pools without issue from there


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