arcserve-KB : Significance & function of the "Stop the scenario when any replicas spool or disk is full" property.

Last Update: 2015-06-08 09:19:37 UTC


Significance & function of 'Stop scenario if any replica spool/disk is full' property.

If you have scenarios configured with multiple Replica servers, the property, Stop scenario if any replica spool/disk is full, lets you choose between stopping only the affected Replica or the entire scenario when a spool or disk is full. The default value is ON, which instructs the application to stop the entire scenario when the spool or disk on any replica is full. When this property is set to OFF, only the Replica is stopped. No changes are sent to the Replica until it is resumed. When the Replica resumes, resynchronization for only that affected Replica is triggered.

To set this property click on the scenario level in the left hand pane, then go to the properties tab in the right hand pane, then expand 'replication', then 'optional settings', the under 'Stop the scenario when any replicas spool or disk is full' change the flag from 'on' to 'off'.



CA ARCserve RHA logs warnings that the spool limit has been exceeded, or the disk is almost out of space in the Events pane of the Manager. Depending on how you set the property, the scenario or the Replica is then stopped, allowing you to clear disk space. The spool is automatically cleared.

To start a stopped Replica, right-click it from the Manager and choose Start the Replica from the shortcut menu. Resynchronization is triggered and replication resumes after the resynchronization completes.

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