arcserve-KB : How to enable Assured Recovery (AR) or Replica Integrity test

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:53:17 UTC



How to enable Assured Recovery (AR) or Replica Integrity testing

First of all the AR test option needs to be selcted while creating a scenario, you cannot turn it on in a scenario you already created and didn't select the AR option.



Once you have made sure that the scenario was configured with the AR test enabled, you can select the schedule at which the AR test would run automatically.


Click the Replica and on the right-hand side window select 'Properties' tab. 

Expand 'Scheduled Tasks' option and make sure 'Replica Integrity Testing for Assured Recovery ' is turned ON and click the 'Not set' option against scheduler section as shown below.



Once you have selected the hours using your mouse button to click in those boxes as shown below, would set the AR test time.

This would automatically run the AR test as per the schedule set.

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