arcserve-KB : Propagating Property Values to other scenarios

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:54:20 UTC


CA ARCserve RHA enables you to apply the values you set for one scenario to multiple scenarios at once. Instead of separately configuring the properties of each scenario, you can propagate the value of one scenario to as many scenarios as you want. A good example would be to use this option to simultaneously change the e-mail notification address for multiple scenarios. You can propagate the values of scenarios, Master hosts and Replica hosts.

Note: The scenarios must be stopped to apply property changes.

To propagate values of properties

1. On the Scenario pane, select either the scenario, the Master or the Replica whose properties you want to propagate. On the Framework pane on the left, the Properties list opens.

2. On the Properties list, open the desired group and right-click the property value you want to propagate. The Propagate Value pop up command opens.


3. Click the Propagate Value command. The Propagate Value dialog opens.

All scenarios in your manager appear in the dialog, while the scenario whose property value you want to propagate is marked in red. The property and the value you can propagate are displayed above the scenarios table, and in the current value column.

4. To propagate the value to all scenarios, click OK.

Note: To exclude scenarios or hosts from the value propagation, clear their check boxes, and then click OK.

5. After the Propagate Value dialog is closed, click the Save All button on the Standard toolbar to save and apply your changes to all scenarios.

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