arcserve-KB : How to change a parameter for block sync comparisons which can make compare times faster

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:30:23 UTC


Description:  When Arcserve RHA is doing a comparison with block sync and it finds a file on the master and replica with the same name if the file is different by 70% or more RHA does not compare all the blocks it will just resend the entire file to the replica.  This makes sync faster by doing less comparison but it will use a little more bandwidth as it is sending the replica some data it already has.  This 70% is a default of RHA however there is a parameter in our config file where the value can be changed. 

Solution:  To change the value at which RHA skips comparing blocks and just sends the entire file do the following:

1. Stop the scenario if it is running

2. Open the ws_rep.cfg file in notepad, it is located in the RHA install directory in the engine folder

3. Find the following parameter 'BDMaxMapWholeFileDifferenceRatio'

4. Change the value to what you want, the minimum is 10 and the maximum 100, these are percentages.  If you want to set it to 50 for example the line would look like this:  'BDMaxMapWholeFileDifferenceRatio = 50'.  Make sure toe remove the # symbol from this line.

5. Next save the file, close the file, then restart the RHA engine service, repeat these steps on all hosts involved in the scenario.

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