arcserve-KB : How to make arcserve RHA do comparisons with larger chunks of data to try to make block synchronization faster

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:30:20 UTC


Description:  When Arcserve RHA is syncing a master and replica using block sync, it by default grabs data in 16k chunks.  If you increase the size of the chunk for comparison you can make sync faster. 


Solution:  The size of the chunk we grab for comparison is tied to a parameter in our config file called the 'BDLookupBlockSize'.  To edit this parameter please do the following:

1. Stop the scenario if it is running

2. Open the ws_rep.cfg file in notepad, it is located in the install directory of Arcserve RHA inside the engine folder

3. Search for BDLookupBlockSize

4. Change it from 16k to something higher, you may want to start with 64k and see how much that improves sync times.

5. Remove the # symbol from this line, save the file, then restart the RHA engine service, repeat this on all hosts involved in the scenario.

6. Resync and see how much faster sync is, you may need to do some trial and error with this parameter to see which value works best.

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