arcserve-KB : How to change the Configuration or Properties on Hyper-V HA Scenario

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:28:33 UTC

Hyper-V HA Properties

How to change a scenario configured through the Wizard or configure additional settings, you can use the Properties pane to modify the scenario.

The Properties pane and its tabs are context-sensitive and change whenever you select a different node from a scenario folder. You must stop a scenario before configuring its properties. Certain values cannot be modified once set; they are noted. For full details on configuring scenario properties and their descriptions, see the CA ARCserve RHA Administration Guide.

Properties are organized into tabs on the Manager Framework pane. The tabs displayed are based upon server type, CA ARCserve RHA solution, and scenario status. Select the scenario for which you wish to change properties, and then select the appropriate tab. The following screen shows an example:

Settings on the Root Directories tab

Select a Master Server from the Scenario Pane. Double-click its Directories folder to add or remove Master Root Directories. You cannot directly update the Hyper-V root directory. Double-clicking it launches Auto Discovery, which lists all virtual machines on the Master.

Select a Replica Server from the Scenario Pane. For each Master Root directory, you must specify a Replica Root directory. Double-click the Directories folder for the Replica server.

Settings on the Properties Tab

Scenario Properties

These settings establish default behavior for the entire scenario.

  • General properties -- cannot be changed once created
  • Replication properties -- choose the replication mode (Online or Scheduled), synchronization values (File or Block, Ignore Files of Same Size/Type) and optional settings (Replicate NTFS Compress Attribute, Replicate NTFS ACL, Synchronize Windows Shares, Prevent Automatic Re-sync upon Error)
  • Event notification properties -- specify a script to run or choose email notification and write results to the event log
  • Report Handling -- specify report settings, email distribution or script execution

Master and Replica Properties

These settings establish server properties on both Master and Replica. Some settings vary by server type.

  • Host connection properties -- Enter the IP address, Port number and Fully Qualified Name of the Master and Replica.
  • Replication properties -- Enable Hyper-V scheduled bookmarks for master. These properties differ for Master and Replica. See the CA ARCserve RHA Administration Guide for more information.
  • Spool properties -- Set the size, minimum disk free size and directory path. See Spool Directory Settings for more information.
  • Event notification properties -- specify a script to run or choose email notification and write results to the event log.
  • Report properties -- choose synchronization or replication reports, specify distribution or script execution.
  • (Replica) Recovery properties -- set delay or data rewind properties. Data rewind is On by default.

Settings on the HA Properties Tab

These settings control how switchover and switchback are performed.

  • Switchover properties -- choose automatic or manual switchover, provide switchover hostname, virtual network mappings, and reverse replication settings
  • Hosts properties -- specify the Master and Replica Fully Qualified Name
  • Is Alive properties -- set the heartbeat frequency and check method
  • Action upon Success properties -- defines custom scripts and arguments for use



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