arcserve-KB : Offline Synchronization for a Full System scenario

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:50:11 UTC


This document lists the steps to perform offline sync for a Full System scenario.

1. Create a full system scenario and click on run and select Offline Synchronization.


2. RHA would then perform below steps.

             a) RHA will take a VSS snapshot of the drives on the master and expose them under 'C:/OfflineSyncMountPoint/scenario id' with the  

                  drive letter as the folder name.     

             b) RHA will create virtual hard drives on the replica and mount them as a mount points with the drive letter as a folder name under

                  'C:/Program Files/CA/ARCserve RHA/Engine/VM/scenario id' (on appliance server if the replica is a ESX,Citrix Xen) 

3. User can now copy the data from 'C:/OfflineSyncMountPoint/scenario id' on master to 'C:/Program Files/CA/ARCserve RHA/Engine/VM/scenario id'  on replica server (appliance server if the replica is a ESX,Citrix Xen).

    Example: Data from C drive under the mount point should be copied to 'C:/Program Files/CA/ARCserve RHA/Engine/VM/scenario id/ '

4. Once the data is copied to the replica server, click on Tools - Offline Sync Management. 


4. RHA would then be performing a block synchronization and would provide the user an option to check/uncheck 'Ignore same size/time files' and click on OK.


5. Now RHA would perform a Block sync start online replication.

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