arcserve-KB : How to Monitor the RHA synchronization and replication Throughput

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:06:24 UTC

Description:Understanding the current transmission speed is essential to troubleshoot slow synchronization and spool folder growth issues. This article gives a quick overview of finding RHA transmission speed. 

 There are two ways you can monitor the transmission speed.

  1. ARCserve RHA GUI
  2. Using Performance monitor in Windows

Master server stastics pane displays the current transmisson speed. This usually gets refreshed in every 15 seconds.

The easiset way to monitor the real time  tramisson speed is using the windows performance monitor counters. You can perform the following steps

  1. Login to Master
  2. Launch Windows perofrmance monitor. ( Run perfmon.msc from command prompt)
  3. Highlight performance monitor
  4. Right click the 'View log data' icon and  select 'Add Counters'  


       f.  Under 'CAARCserveRHAEngine: CA ARCserve RHA Scenarios' highlight the Bytes Sent/Sec counter (On the bottom 
             pane you can select a specific scenario you would like to monitor) 
and click on Add


  The user can see the Windows peroformance monitor displaying the current tramisson speed in bytes/sec






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