arcserve-KB : How Data Rewind Works in CA ARCServe RHA?

Last Update: 2016-04-12 13:26:18 UTC


How Data Rewind Works in CA ARCServe RHA?


Data rewind is technology that lets you repair a corrupt file by rewinding it back in time as if it were a tape. Because replication continuously updates source data to another machine, a Replica always holds the same data as in the Master. In the case of data corruption, recovering files from the Replica will not help, since chances are high that the data on the Replica is also corrupted.

Data Rewind can be compared to the Undo feature of various productivity applications where user actions can be canceled, which brings the file to a previous state in time. Data Rewind is based on rewind journals that store I/O operation information that result in modified files. Using the rewind journal, it is possible to undo I/O operations, and rewind the file to a previous point in time, to a valid, non corrupted state.

For more details on how to enable and configure please follow the below KB articles

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