arcserve-KB : Configuring Multiple Data Streams in arcserve RHA R16

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:45:45 UTC


This document explains how to configure Multiple Data Streams in CA ARCserve RHA R16

Multiple Data Streams feature enables an administrator to specify multiple TCP sockets to be used simultaneously to transfer data between master and replica server in a CA ARCserve RHA scenario.

Multiple Data Streams can either be configured in scenario properties (in the GUI) or can be configured in the configuration file (ws_rep.cfg)

Configuring Multiple Data Streams in CA ARCserve RHA manager(GUI)

The changes made in the GUI are on a per scenario basis. Each scenario will need to be configured individually.

  1. Logon to the CA ARCserve RHA  manager.
  2. Select the scenario name.
  3. Click the Properties tab at the bottom of the far right hand pane.
  4. Expand Replication section.
  5. Within the Replication section expand Optional Settings.
  6. Within the Optional Settings section click the drop down for the Number Of Streams property (see figure 1)
    • Number of Streams options configured in the GUI is limited to User Configured; Single Stream; Multiple Streams; Maximum Streams.
    • User Configured     = Takes the value set in the configuration file (set to 1 by default)
    • Single Stream         = 1 data stream per scenario
    • Multiple Streams     = 5 data streams per scenario
    • Maximum Streams = 10 data streams per scenario


Note: If you would like to configure a custom number of data streams to be utilized, other than the default values offered in the GUI configuration, you can use the alternate method of Configuring Multiple Data Streams in the ws_rep.cfg.

Configuring Multiple Data Streams in ws_rep.cfg

When Multiple Data Streams is enabled and configured in the ws_rep.cfg it is enabled per host (not per scenario) and will apply to all the scenarios running on that server.

  1. Logon to the CA ARCserve RHA R16 manager.
  2. Stop any scenarios running on the servers on which you want to enable Multiple Data Streams.
  3. Stop the CA ARCserve RHA Engine service on all servers that you would like to enable Multiple Data Streams.
    • If any servers are MSCS Clusters then the CA ARCserve RHA engine service needs to be stopped on all the nodes on the cluster.
  4. Log on to each server and open Windows Explorer
  5. Browse to CA ARCserve RHA installation directory
    • By default this is located in 'C:/Programfiles/CA/ARCserve RHA/Engine'
  6. Open the file ws_rep.cfg using a text editor.
  7. Do a search for 'NumberofStreams'. You would find the below entry (set to 1 by default)

# NumberofStreams = 1

  1. Remove the '#' symbol to the left of the 'NumberofStreams' parameter, and left justify the parameter.
  2. Set the value of the NumberofStreams parameter to be the number of streams that you want to utilize (User can set upto a maximum of 10 streams).

Example: To set the number of streams to 2, change the value of 'NumberofStreams' to 2.

NumberofStreams = 2

  1. Save changes made to ws_rep.cfg file.
  2. Repeat process on both Master and Replica.  On Cluster please do it on all Cluster Nodes.
  3. Restart the CA ARCserve RHA Engine service.
  4. Restart the Scenario and Synchronize when prompted.
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