arcserve-KB : Creating a D2D scenario for the the D2D backup target being local to the machine

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:26:20 UTC


This document provides step by step process on how to create a D2D integration scenario if the target of D2D backup is local to the machine.


1.From CA ARCserve RHA, open the Manager, access the Scenario menu, and click New (or click the New button on the Standard toolbar).

The Welcome screen of the Scenario Creation Wizard is displayed

Figure 1

Select Create a New Scenario and Click Next.From the Select Server Type list, click File Server.

From the Select Product Type list, click Replication and Data Recovery Scenario (DR).

From the Integration Options list, select ARCserve D2D. Selecting this option indicates that this scenario is replicating a CA ARCserve D2D backup. Enter the CA ARCserve D2D host name or IP address and click Next.

Figure 2

2. The ARCserve D2D Server dialog opens, enter the CA ARCserve D2D configuration and user credentials. Click OK.

Figure 3

3. The Master and Replica Hosts screen opens and the master name is already populated, on this screen specify the replica host. Click next.

Figure 4

4.     If you enabled the Verify CA ARCserve RHA Engine on Hosts option, the Hosts Verification screen opens. The software verifies the existence and connectivity of the Master and Replica hosts specified on the previous screen. Click next.

Figure 5

5.The Master Root Directories screen opens. By default, this screen displays the directories and files in the CA ARCserve D2D backup folder on the Master server. (This folder is the backup folder specified by CA ARCserve D2D). These directories and files are the data that will be replicated and protected. Click next.

6.The Replica Root Directories screen opens. Accept the default or type a new directory name. Click next.

7.The Scenario Properties screen opens. For CA ARCserve D2D, accept all default values. Click next.

Figure 6

8.The Master and Replica Properties screen is the next screen in the wizard, for CA ARCserve D2D, default values should be fine. Click next.

Figure 7

9.The software validates the new scenario and verifies the parameters for a successful replication. After the verification completes, the screen opens, displaying any problems and warnings. The software lets you continue even if warnings are displayed. Resolve any warnings for a proper software operation. Click next.

Figure 8

10.The Scenario Run screen opens.

Select Run Now to start synchronization immediately or Finish, which saves the scenario configuration and allows you to initiate synchronization later.

Note: Do not initiate data synchronization if CA ARCserve D2D is currently performing a Verify Backup. If synchronization is started at this time, it could result in excessive data being sent to the Replica. To avoid this, wait until the Verify Backup finishes before starting the data synchronization process.

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