arcserve-KB : How to Recover Active Server Using the Manager

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:51:33 UTC

If the switchover process did not complete properly, CA ARCserve RHA enables you to manually select which server will act as the active server through a process called Recover Active Server.

To recover active server using the Manager

1. On the Scenario pane, select the scenario whose active server you want to recover and stop it.


2. From the Tools menu, select the Recover Active Server option.

CA ARCserve RHA verifies which host is currently the active one, and presents the results in the Recover Active Server dialog.

3. Click either the Make Master Active or Make Replica Active button, depending on which server you want to assume the active role.

Messages appear in the Event pane, informing you that one of the server becomes active while the other becomes inactive. Now, the host you selected becomes the active server, and users are directed to it.

Important! In a disaster situation, if a standard switchover occurs and users are redirected to the Replica server for any period of time, it is important to replicate all changes that occurred on the Replica back to the Master, before making the Master server active again. Using the Recover Active Server option in such a situation may result in loss of data.

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