arcserve-KB : Prepare a Bare Metal Machine

Last Update: 2016-04-25 12:04:01 UTC






Please find the URL to download the BMR iso.

Before you create a recovery scenario, prepare a bare metal machine on which you want to restore data. Boot the machine with the RHA BMR CD to start the machine and launch the RHA engine. An IP address is assigned to the machine. Specify this IP address while creating the recovery scenario.


Follow these steps:

Insert the RHA BMR CD and boot the computer.
Select CA ARCserve RHA BMR to boot the system.
Select the language of your choice and click Next.
The RHA CD detects network adapters and disks on the bare metal machine.

(Optional) If the RHA CD is unable to detect network adapters and disks, click appropriate links on the left panel to install them.
The RHA engine starts and an IP address is assigned to the machine.


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