arcserve-KB : How to handle temp files in file sever scenarios

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:55:00 UTC

Customers sometimes got the errors(like unable to execute sync event/unable to rename/unable to create, etc.) when RHA scenario was trying to sync and replicate the temp files
These temp files include, office temp files(which are generated by office applications on-the-fly) and Mac temp files (which are created when they’re copied from MAC to Windows)
Office temp prefix with '~$' and Mac temp file prefix with '._'
In order to avoid these errors we suggest customers to exclude these temp files out of scenario by configuring in filter when creating a file server scenario which contains many office files
1)      Open RHA GUI manager, select the scenario and then select the panel of “Root Directories”. Right click on the root directory to pop up below dialog, then click “Browse and Select Directories”
2)      In the pop up dialog of “Master Root Directory”, check the box of “Exclude files”. Input “~$*.*” to exclude all office temp files and “._*.*” for all MAC temp files. And then, click the button of “Apply” to apply the exclude filter on selected root directory.  Click the button of “OK” to finish setting.

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