arcserve-KB : How to launch arcserve RHA powershell and connect to the control server

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:46:44 UTC


This document provides step-by-step information on how to launch Arcserve RHA powershell command prompt.

Step1: Install the RHA Powershell from RHA installation CD or install download unless the powershell is already installed.


Step2: Once installed go to Start>All Programs>CA>ARCserve RHA and click PowerShell

Step3: RHA Powershell command windows loaded.

Step4: Connect to RHA Manager server by typing the command 'connect-xo'

Step5: Type the RHA manager host name (the control service host)

Step6: Press enter after entering the host name and provide login credentials to connect to the RHA manager server.

Step7: Enter the type of protocol used to connect RHA manager (http\https)

The below result displays status connected to control server ''.

Once connected to control server, run RHA powershell commands.

More Information:

Refer PowerShell Commands Guide for more details



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