arcserve-KB : How to use arcserve RHA to schedule bookmarks which intern create rewind points for data rewind in Version 16.1.2

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:04:07 UTC


Description:  The following article details how to use RHA to schedule a bookmark for a database application which will intern create a data-rewind rewind point. 

First make sure you have upgraded to version 16.1.2 (known as version 16 service pack 2) of Arcserve RHA.  The reason you must upgrade is because scheduling bookmarks from RHA is a new feature only available in this release.

1. After you have created your database scenario (such as sql, exchange, oracle, etc)  turn on data rewind.  This is located on the properties tab for the replica.  In the left hand pane inside the rha manager expand your scenario, then click on the replica.  Next in the right hand pane expand 'recovery' then turn data rewind to on:

2. Next turn on scheduled bookmarks by clicking on the master in the left hand pane then go to the properties tab on the right hand pane and expand 'replication' then turn 'enable scheduled bookmarks' to 'on':

3. Next select the days of the week and hours of the day you would like RHA to create a bookmark which will make a data rewind check point.  To do this click to the right of 'schedule setting' where it says '[From: Sun:0:00 every 2hrs.'  :

4. By default it schedules the bookmarks for every other hour of every day.  If you would like to set your own schedule hit the 'clear' button on the top left of the scheduler.  The following is an example of how to schedule a bookmark to be taken at 4pm Mon-Fri:

After selecting the 5 blocks from mon-fri I clicked on the 'set' button on the top left to turn those blocks blue then I hit 'ok'.  This will then bring you back to the scenario manager, at this time hit the save button on the top left of the RHA manager to save your changes. 


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