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Title:  How to add the Telnet client in Windows 2008 for XOsoft troubleshooting.


Typically when troubleshooting XOsoft connectivity it is common to use telnet over port 25000 as a basic connectivity test. In Windows 2008 the telnet client is no longer installed by default. Adding telnet can be very helpful for situations such as when creating a HA/DR scenario in windows 2008 and an error 'Error: Unable to connect' on the engine verification page is encountered.


The Telnet client can be used to troubleshot CA XOsoft communication issues over port 25000 by default on Master and Replica. Telnet is disabled in Windows 2008 by default. To enable Telnet on Windows Server 2008 follow these procedures:

  1. Open Server Manager, click Start > Server Manager.

    Figure 1

  2. From the left panel in Server Manager, click on Features.

    Figure 2

  3. Click on Add Features, as you can see i have not installed any Feature on this Server ( 0 of 34 installed).

    Figure 3

  4. From the available list of features, scroll down and select Telnet Client, then click Next.

    Figure 4

  5. On the Confirmation page, click on Install.

    Figure 5

  6. Installation of the selected feature will be initialized and started. Once installation is completed, click on Close.

    Figure 6

  7. Now open Command Prompt, and run the telnet command.

    Figure 7

  8. As you can see, Telnet is now recognized by Windows Server 2008 and you can start using it to connect to your telnet servers.

This needs to be done on both Master and Replica servers.

Note: If you leave windows firewall enable make sure you add a rule to allow port 25000 between Master and Replica host otherwise you would will not be able to test telnet connectivity over port 25000. If port 25000 is blocked when you try to telnet on port 25000 from Master to Replica, It would say connecting and then it will fail.

To Test if Firewall is blocking the Telnet from Master to Replica, You can try disabling the Firewall on both hosts by doing the following:

Go to:

  1. Server Manager on Master.
  2. On the right hand side select Windows Firewall and Advanced Security.
  3. Select Widows Firewall and Advances Security settings under Public Profile .
  4. Change the Firewall settings to off on all 3 profiles:
    1. Default Profile
    2. Private Profile
    3. Public Profile
  5. Do the same on Replica also and now do a telnet from Master to Replica on port 25000 and you should be able to get connected.


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