arcserve-KB : Upgrading the CA XOsoft PowerShell from r12.0 to r12.5

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Title:  Upgrading the CA XOsoft PowerShell from r12.0 to r12.5


This document describes how to upgrade the CA XOsoft r12.0 PowerShell component to CA XOsoft r12.5 version. This upgrade process can be performed on any host already running CA XOsoft r12.0 PowerShell. The upgrade of the CA XOsoft r12.5 PowerShell component updates CA XOsoft specific cmdlets to the MS PowerShell which can be used to manage CA XOsoft r12.5 scenarios from the command line. The following describes the upgrade process from CA XOsoft r12.0 to CA XOsoft r12.5 PowerShell.


  1. Decompress the CA XOsoft r12.5 Installation Files and copy them to a local Directory on the host which is currently running the CA XOsoft r12.0 PowerShell.
  2. Browse to the directory with the CA XOsoft r12.5 Installation Files and open the 'Install' Directory.
  3. Run 'Setup.exe' to launch the 'CA XOsoft r12.5 Product Installation Browser'

    Figure 1
  4. Click 'Install Components'

    Figure 2
  5. Click 'Install CA XOsoft PowerShell'

    Figure 3
  6. Browse for the Language to be used for the installation, then Click 'OK'

    Figure 4
  7. You will be prompted that the CA XOsoft r12.5 Installation Wizard will perform an upgrade of the existing version of the CA XOsoft PowerShell.
  8. Select 'Yes'

    Figure 5
  9. The CA XOsoft Installation Wizard will now prompt you to 'Resume' the installation of the CA XOsoft Powershell for r12.5. Click 'Next'

    Figure 6
  10. When installation is completed, Click 'Finish'.

    Figure 7
  11. You can now choose to install additional CA XOsoft r12.5 components using the CA XOsoft Installation Browser. When you are done, select 'Exit'.


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