arcserve-KB : How to convert WANSync version 4.0 license to CA XOSoft r12.0 license key

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Title:  How to convert WANSync version 4.0 license to CA XOSoft r12.0 license key.


When you try to apply a WANSync version 4.0 license key into the CA XOSoft r12 Manager, the following error is displayed 'Unable to convert V4 license to R12 license' (Check the screenshot below). To apply license keys in XOsoft R12, open the r12 Manager and choose Help | Register to open the Registration screen.

Figure 1


The steps below explain how to convert a WANSync v.4.0 license key to CA XOSoft r12.

  1. Install the WANSync v 4.0 Manager (If the WANSync Manager is already installed then skip to step 4).
  2. Open the WANSync v 4.0 Manager and on the menu bar choose Help | Register
  3. Apply the permanent and maintenance license keys into the Registration page.
  4. Install the CA XOsoft R12 Control Service onto the same host which has the WANSync v 4.0 Manager. During the Control Service install, XOsoft will automatically convert the v 4.0 license key to a r12 license key.

If you have any questions with CA XOsoft licensing, please contact the CA License Team at 1-800-225-5224 and choose option 3 for Licensing.


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