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Title:  Does CA XOsoft High Availability for File Servers support Print Server failover?


In a CA XOsoft High Availability for File Servers, CA XOsoft will automatically synchronize the data and shares and replicate all data changes. When a switchover occurs users will be redirected to the shares containing the data on the Replica server. This document will detail how to include redirecting user's print jobs to the replica if the Master is also a Print Server.


CA XOsoft High Availability can failover Print Servers, but not Out of the Box. It will have to be customized using user-defined scripts.

  1. Download the Microsoft Windows Print Migrater Tool and use this to Mirror the print queue:
  2. Add the c:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS directory to the root folder list for replication on the Directories in WANSync.
  3. Manage the Print Spooler service by implementing user defined scripts under the Application/Share Management section of the scenario switchover settings.
  4. Use a user traffic redirection method (DNS Redirection or IP Move) in addition to a Hostname change since users use the NETBIOS name to access print servers.


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