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arcserve-KB : How to change the default port of the CA XOsoft Management Console website from port 8088 to any other port

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:20:01 UTC


Document ID:    TEC480145
Tech Document
Title:  How to change the default port of the CA XOsoft Management Console website from port 8088 to any other port.


CA XOsoft Control Service is designed to listen on port 8088, however the default port can be changed in environments where this port is already being used by another application.


The configuration file responsible to port configuration is 'ws_man.exe.config'.

  1. Login to CA XOsoft Control Service host
  2. Stop the 'CA Control Service' service.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to 'C:\Program Files\CA\XOsoft\Manager' (On a 64 bit host, browse to ''C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\XOsoft\Manager'
  4. Open the file 'WS_MAN.EXE.CONFIG' file, with a text editor.
  5. Update 'Value' for all '*_port' entries from the default port of 8088 to be the port you want to use.

You would prefer to use port 8099 instead of default port 8088.

Default copy of the WS_MAN.EXE.CONFIG file:

Figure 1

Updated copy of the WS_MAN.EXE.CONFIG file (now configured to use Port 8099):

Figure 2

NOTE: Most Text Editors such as Notepad will perform a Find/Replace function and/or a global Find/Replace. To ensure there are no typos, you can update using the 'Find/Replace All feature in Notepad.

  1. Open the WS_MAN.EXE.CONFIG file Using Notepad
  2. Goto EDIT -> REPLACE
  3. Populate the 'Find What' field with the default port 8088
  4. Populate the 'Replace With' field with the port you want XOsoft to use (in the example we're configuring XOsoft to use port 8099)
  5. Select 'REPLACE ALL'
  6. Save the WS_MAN.EXE.CONFIG File.
  1. Restart 'CA XOsoft Control Service' service.


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