arcserve-KB : Creating a CA XOsoft R12.5 Sharepoint High Availability Scenario

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Title:  Creating a CA XOsoft R12.5 Sharepoint High Availability Scenario


This article explains the procedure to create a CA XOsoft High Availability scenario for a standalone SharePoint 2007+ server.


  1. Open the CA XOsoft Overview page by clicking Start, then All Programs, then CA, then XOsoft, and finally Overview Page.
  2. Login to the web page and then click the 'Scenario Management' link to bring up the CA XOsoft Manager.
  3. Click 'Scenario' then 'New... Ctrl+N' or Figure 1 to begin creating a new scenario.
  4. Select 'Create a New Scenario' and then click 'Next'.
  5. Select 'MS SharePoint Server' as the server type, choose 'High Availability Scenario (HA)'as the product type and 'None' for Tasks on Replica, then click 'Next'.
  6. On the next page type in the Master and Replica hostname or IP address and then click 'Next'.

    Figure 2
  7. Install the engines if they are not installed on the Engine Verification page by clicking 'Install', then click 'Next' .

    Figure 3
  8. Verify the Master configuration and click 'Next'.

    Figure 4
  9. On the Replica Configuration page after the engines are done with verification ( Figure 5 ) click 'Next' to auto-configure the Replica.

    Figure 6

    Figure 7
  10. Use the default scenario properties and click 'Next' .

    Figure 8
  11. Configure the properties for the Master and Replica host.
  12. Click 'Next' and then choose the switchover properites. By default Redirect DNS and Switch Computer Name within the Network Traffic Redirection tree are ON. These should be left in this state.
  13. Click 'Next' and choose 'Switchover manually' and 'Start manually' then click 'Next' again.
  14. Once the scenario has verified correctly Click next then then 'Next' Run Now.


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