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arcserve-KB : How to limit CA XOsoft engine install on Solaris 10 to the global zone only?

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:19:51 UTC


Document ID:    TEC505874
Tech Document
Title:  How to limit CA XOsoft engine install on Solaris 10 to the global zone only?


You are attempting to install the CA XOsoft engine on a Solaris 10 machine and either due to preference or an install error on one of your non-global zones you only want the engine installed on the global zone (the host). By default Solaris packages are installed on the global zone and all non-Global zones however our install package can be tweaked to install on just the global zone. Installing the XOsoft engine on a non-global zone only is not supported.


Installing the CA XOsoft engine on the global zone only requires modifying the install.sh script in the root of the installation file folder of the extracted installation package (/CAXOsoft). Please note that by changing the default engine install behavior you will only be able to replicate data in the global zone only. If you later require the ability to replicate data from any non-global zones you will need to uninstall the engine and then reinstall using the original install.sh script and then run the configure.sh script afterwards from each non-global zone. Please see our UNIX/Linux user guide for more information on non-global zone installation.

These steps should be done directly on the Solaris 10 machine you are installing to not from Windows.

To install the CA XOsoft engine on the global zone only follow these procedures:

  1. Download and Extract the UNIX/Linux CA XOsoft installation package.
  2. Extract the caxosoft_sunos510_sparc.tgz or the caxosoft_sunos510_i386.tgz depending on the edition of Solaris you require.
  3. Change to the directory where you extracted (By default is /CAXOsoft).
  4. Locate the file install.sh in the root of the extracted directory and make a backup copy of this file.
  5. Edit the file install.sh and locate this line towards the end of the file:

    pkgadd -d . CAXOsoft${OSVER}
  6. Change this line to the following adding a '-G' option to the pkgadd command limiting installation to the Global Zone:

    pkgadd -G -d . CAXOsoft${OSVER}
  7. Save file changes.
  8. Proceed to run the engine install script ./install.sh from this directory and the engine will now only install to the global zone only.


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