arcserve-KB : How to exclude arcserve RHA spool folder from the antivirus scans

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:47:24 UTC


Description:  It is very important that the file level antivirus is not scanning the RHA spool folder on any server involved in a scenario for any version of RHA.  This can cause RHA Journal files to get locked by antiivirus and this can prevent RHA from keeping the replica(s) up to date.  This can also cause a wide variety of other issues with the scenario.

To exclude spool from the antivirus first check the scenario and find out where spool is located.  By default a folder with name 'tmp' which resides in the install directory of RHA Engine (X:\Program files\CA\ARCserve RHA\Engine) is used for spooling.  However it is possible the user changed the location.  We must first double check this setting for each server in the scenario.  To do this expand the scenario in the left hand pane, then click on the master and in the right hand pane go to the properties tab.  Expand 'spool' and take note of the 'spool directory' path listed for each server. 

Keep in mind all paths in the scenario will change the backslash ( \ ) to a forwardslash ( / ), this is something RHA does.  When you add this spool path to the antivirus exclusion make sure to use the backslash.  Make sure to also exclude any subfolders for this location as well.  This is very important as some antivirus have a seperate checkbox for 'exclude subfolders'.  Also make sure to exclude this location from all scans, such as scheduled scans, and real time scans.  Some antivirus software have a few different places to put folder exclusions.

Because there are many different types of antivirus software our customers use, it is difficult to include instructions on how to actually put this exclusion into the antivirus software.  If you are unsure of how to do this we suggest checking your antivirus's website/knowledge base or contact your Antivirus Administrator.

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