arcserve-KB : How to check the status of AWS EC2 instance after RHA complete switchover successfully.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:54:51 UTC


After peforming a switchover successfully to the cloud in scenario management, you can login to AWS EC2 management console and check status of the instance.

1. Under AWS management console, launch instance and status checks shows 2/2 checks passed.

2. If status checks shows status 2/2 checked passed, then the instance is in healthy state.

AWS EC2 provides status checks that detect the problems with the underlying EC2 system used by the individual system. There are two types of checks performed every five minutes, which return a pass or a fail status. The two checks are:

  1. System Reachability Check, which confirms that AWS is able to get the network packets to the user’s instance.
  2. Instance Status Check, which detects a problem within the EC2 instance.

If both the checks are passed, the overall status of the instance will be OK. If one of the checks fails, the overall status of the instance will be impaired. The following guide demonstrates how to set the status check alerts for the instance.

The sample probable reasons for the failure of status checks include:

A) System Reachabilty Checks:

  • Loss of network connectivity
  • Loss of system power
  • Software issues on the physical host
  • Hardware issues on the physical host

B) Instance Status Checks:

  • Misconfigured networking or startup configuration
  • Exhausted memory
  • Corrupted file system
  • Incompatible kernel
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