arcserve-KB : Scenario missing from the arcserveRHA / CA XOsoft manager after failover

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:09:32 UTC


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Title:  Scenario missing from the ARCserveRHA / CA XOsoft manager after failover


After successful creation of scenario and failover to the replica, the 'backward' Scenario is not visible from the ARCserve RHA / CA XOsoft Manager.


This can happen if the CA XOsoft Control Service is running with an account that does not have the appropriate permissions. The 'CA XOsoft Control Service' service logon account should be a Domain User which is a member of the LOCAL ADMINS group on the Master and the Replica servers and on the machine which has the CA XOsoft Control Service is installed.

Please follow the steps below to change the CA XOsoft Control Service account permissions.

  1. Logon to the host running the CA XOsoft Control Service module. (The Machine which has the Control Service installed).
  2. Open the Services Console from Admin tools or by going to the run prompt and enter SERVICES.MSC.
  3. Right Click the 'CA XOsoft Control Service' service and select PROPERTIES.
  4. Select the Log On tab and then change the account from Local System to 'This Account' radio button and then specify the account which has the permissions mentioned above.
  5. Restart the Service.


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