arcserve-KB : How to change the default path to the Spool directory in arcserve RHA

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Title:  How to change the default path to the Spool directory in CA ARCserve RHA


You want to change the location where the CA ARCserve RHA Spool directory is located from the default location to another location.


The Spool folder is the temporary location for replicated changes from a scenario during replication. It is located on both Master (sending) and Replica Server (receiving).

The default location of Spool Folder is the installation path of the CA XOsoft Engine '[INSTALLDIR]/tmp/spool'. (By default this is located in 'C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve RHA\Engine\TMP\Spool').

You can always change the Spool Folder location from the default location to a more appropriate path.

In order to change the Spool Folder on either of the servers, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the scenario for which the Spool Folder is to be changed.
  2. Highlight the Server for which the Spool Folder is to be changed

    Figure 1

  3. Choose the Properties tab for that Server.
  4. Open up the Spool Tree

    Figure 2

  5. Select Spool Directory.
  6. Double click on the Right Side to make it editable.

    Figure 3

  7. Enter the path of the Spool Folder.

    Figure 4

  8. If necessary then perform the same steps on the other server as well.
  9. Save the scenario by right clicking the scenario and clicking on Save.

    Figure 5

  10. Once the scenario is saved please go ahead and run the scenario.

    Figure 6


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