arcserve-KB : How to exit Host Maintenance (HM) Mode without a reboot?

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Title:  How to exit Host Maintenance (HM) Mode without a reboot?


You initiated a Host Maintenance operation and it prepared your host for a reboot however you no longer need to perform the reboot. You would like to cancel the HM operation without reboot the server.


In the event a Host Maintenance operation needs to be cancelled after it was initiated on one of your servers and to you wish to avoid rebooting the affected host and continue running the scenario, do the following:

  1. Logon or remotely connect to the services console of the host where HM was initiated.
  2. Restart the 'CA XOsoft Engine' or 'CA ARCserve RHA Engine' Service.

    • This action emulates a reboot from an engine perspective and will cause the service to perform the same HM recovery steps as if it were being started as a result of a reboot.
  3. This will let you continue with replication without needing to perform an actual reboot of the server.

    Figure 1


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