arcserve-KB : Steps to Install a SSL Certificate on the CA XOsoft Control Service from a remote machine.

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:04:26 UTC


  XOSOFT Replication: 12.5
Last Modified Date:    11/10/2009
Document ID:    TEC501616


This document will provide you the steps to install a SSL Certificate (such as a Self-Signed Certificate) for secure communication when you connect to the Control Service from a remote machine.


This procedure is required when connect to the Control Service using a SSL Certificate for secure communication.

Installing Self-Signed Certificate

  1. On the remote machine, open Internet Explorer. In the Address box, enter the Control Service host name and Port No. as follows:


    Note: You cannot use the IP Address of the Control Service, you will need to specify the hostname.

    A Security Alert appears, asking you whether you want to view the certificate.
  2. Click the View Certificate button. The Certificate dialog appears:

    Figure 1
  3. To locally install the Certificate, click the Install Certificate button.

    The Certificate Import Wizard appears:

    Figure 2
  4. Click Next. The Certificate Store page appears:

    Figure 3
  5. Select the Place all Certificates in the following store option button, and click the Browse button.

    The Select Certificate Store dialog appears:

    Figure 4
  6. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store, and click OK.

    The Completing the Certificate Import Wizard page appears:

    Figure 5
  7. Click Finish to complete the certificate import.

    A confirmation message appears asking you to confirm the certificate installation.
  8. Click Yes. A message appears, informing you of the import success.

    Figure 6
  9. Click OK to close the message. Then, on the Certificate dialog click OK to close it.

You can now connect to the Control service machine and open the Overview page.

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