arcserve-KB : How to Enable Scenario Group Management

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Last Modified Date:    06/30/2010
Document ID:    TEC525012 


Scenario Group Management lets you manage related HA scenarios as a single entity. Switchover can be configured so that when one server fails, all servers in the scenario group switch over at once. Central Scenario Management applies only to high availability scenarios.


To enable Scenario Group Management:

  1. From the Manager, right-click the name of any HA scenario in the group you wish to manage centrally.
  2. From the short-cut menu, click Enable Scenario Group Management.

  3. A confirmation message appears. Click OK to continue.
  4. Click the Properties tab and expand the Switchover Settings properties group.
  5. If you want to switch over the whole group as a single entity, set the Switchover as a Group property to On.
  6. Expand the Failure Triggers Group Switchover property and set the value to On for each scenario in the group that should trigger switchover when it fails.

  7. Expand the Scenario Availability Sets property. If all servers listed in this property fail, the entire group switches over. Add the names of the scenario group that you wish to monitor and then select the scenarios in that group that will trigger group switchover.


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