arcserve-KB : How to Manually apply Updates to a server running a arcserve RHA scenario.

Last Update: 2014-10-31 11:51:29 UTC
XOSOFT Replication: 12.5, 15.0
Last Modified Date:    11/17/2010
Document ID:    TEC535985
Tech Document
Title:  How to Manually apply Updates to a server running a CA ARCserve RHA scenario.


The following document explains how to install updates such as Service Packs or Windows patches to the Master and Replica servers involved in a CA ARCserve RHA scenario.


The following steps can be followed to apply a Service Pack or Windows patch on the Master and Replica server.

  1. Stop the Scenario.
  2. Follow the instructions and apply the service pack or Windows patch on the Master and Replica. The patch or service pack can be installed on the Replica first to test stability, and then apply the same patches on the Master.
  3. Start the application services and verify that the databases come online.

    Note: If synchronization did not finish then the databases may not come online on the Replica since the data is inconsistent. If the databases are inconsistent then run the scenario and synchronize to address the problem on Replica.
  4. If any new Databases were added to the Master, then highlight the Master and click on the 'Root Directories' tab. Right click on the 'Directories of Exchange (or SQL depending on scenario) and choose 'Auto-discovery of Database Files'. Save the scenario.
  5. Start the scenario and synchronize when prompted.
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