arcserve-KB : Uninstalling arcserve RHA r15 on Linux

Last Update: 2014-10-31 11:57:29 UTC

XOSOFT Replication: 15.0

Last Modified Date:    12/05/2010
Document ID:    TEC537190
Tech Document
Title:  Uninstalling CA ARCserve RHA r15 on Linux


This document explains how to uninstall the CA ARCserve RHA r15 Engine on a server running Linux.


The following procedure can be used to uninstall CA ARCserve RHA on all supported Linux platforms.

  1. Become 'superuser.'
  2. Make sure that all the replication scenarios have been stopped.
  3. Run the following uninstall script:

    • /opt/CA/ARCserveRHA/bin/
  4. You will be prompted to confirm the uninstall procedure.

    • For example: Uninstall CA ARCserve RHA (y/n)
  5. Type y and press <ENTER>.
  6. Reboot is optional.
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