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Last Update: 2015-08-17 12:27:40 UTC

How to create a Cascading HA scenario?



Suppose you have one Master (server A) with 2 Replica servers, 1st Replica (server B) and 2nd Replica (server C) and you want to create a cascading scenario between them replicating data from the Master server to the 1st Replica and from the 1st Replica to the 2nd Replica. Then please follow the below steps below:
1. Create a scenario between the Master and the1st Replica Server (i.e. A->B) & don't run it.
2. Right click on the Replica server and select the option 'Insert Host' and add the 2nd Replica server Name or IP address and save the scenario.  Now you have a cascading scenario  A->B->C

Master-> 1st Replica-> 2nd Replica
If you use an HA scenario you need to select in switchover properties which replica to used as a switchover server. Only one replica server can used as a switchover server. To overcome this limitation we recommend the following work-around. Configure the 1-st Replica as a switchover server in the cascade scenario and run the scenario.  
After that create another HA scenario  between the Master and the 2nd Replica (A->C) but DO NOT run it. This scenario will be used ONLY to switch over from the Master to the 2nd Replica by using Tools->Recover Active Server ->Make Replica active.  
Prior to switching over to the 2nd Replica make sure that the cascade scenario is stopped.
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