arcserve-KB : Error: "SQL Server Instance has different version on Master and Replica Hosts"

Last Update: 2015-08-24 04:30:15 UTC

XOSOFT Replication: 16.0

Last Modified Date:    09/07/2011
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Title:  Error: 'SQL Server Instance has different version on Master and Replica Hosts'


RHA fails to start the scenario if Master SQL Server Instance and Replica SQL Server Instance are of different version/edition

When Master & Replica SQL version are different we encounter the below error message while starting the scenario.

Error: SQL Server instance <instance name> has different version on Master (SQL Server 2008) and Replica (SQL Server 2008) hosts.


Please run the below SQL commands on Master and Replica SQL Servers to verify the SQL Edition, SP Level & Version of the SQL Servers.


  select serverproperty('EDITION') As Edition   

  select serverproperty('PRODUCTLEVEL') As [Product Level]   

  select serverproperty('PRODUCTVERSION') As Version  

For more details please check the below links:

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