arcserve-KB : Managing Replica Memory on "Full System HA" Scenario

Last Update: 2015-07-01 19:09:56 UTC

XOSOFT Replication: 16.0

Last Modified Date:    09/07/2011
Document ID:    TEC552170
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Title:  Managing Replica Memory on 'Full System HA' Scenario


This document talks about Managing Memory on Replica Server for 'Full System HA' Scenario.

If the Master Server has 4 GB of RAM and the Replica Server doesn't have the same amount of memory, then you can modify the Replica server properties so that it uses less memory (e.g. 2 GB of RAM).


  1. From the RHA Manager, highlight and expand the scenario.

  2. Select the Replica Server, in the right pane highlight the Properties tab as shown in Figure 1

    Figure 1
    Figure 2

  3. In the Replica properties, under Virtual Machine --> Virtual Machine setting, change the memory to the value you want to set.

    Figure 2
    Figure 2

  4. Save and run the Scenario.
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