arcserve-KB : An Update Staging server cannot be configured to deploy available updates to UDP Agents

Last Update: 2016-11-23 15:12:55 UTC


In UDP Management Console ->Configuration -> Update Configuration the default setting for Product Update downloads is

CA-Server. In case you want to change this setting to the local UDP managed server a message pop up with following content:

'Your local machine cannot be selected as Staging-Server. Please provide valid Staging Server Information'.


This is a normal behavior in managed UDP environments.

For managed UDP Agents it is not necessary to configure a Staging server.

Immediately when Management Console Server got the Update downloaded it will start to check and try to deploy to all UDP Agents not having an update installed. This is an operation that check and deploy the update automatically.

For unmanaged UDP clients the procedure is as usual, you open the UDP Agent UI and configure the server you want to get the update from in the Settings -> Preferences. 

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