arcserve-KB : Unable to modify Backup settings from the UDP agent console

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:44:06 UTC



From the arcsreve UDP Agent console, When user clicks on Backup setting option, all the Backup setting options are grayed out:




Possible Cause:


Any UDP Node, added to the arcserve UDP Server Console,(as shown in the screenshot below)  can only be managed only through the UDP Server console.  You can make changes to the Source, Destination or Schedule only from the UDP Server console.





 Solution A:

  1. If the node needs to be managed separately (using UDP Agent Console) then it needs to be removed from the UDP Server console

                    To remove the node from UDP Server Console, follow the below steps.... 

  1. Go to the resources Tab
  2. Click on “All Nodes” and all the node will be displayed on the right pane.
  3. Find the node to be removed and right click on it.
  4. Click Delete to delete the node.


  1. Once the node is removed, user will be able to view & modify the Backup settings on the UDP Agent console.


Solution B:

1. Stop UDP Agent Service.

2. Delete all folders in Sync to CPM
Path : C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Engine\DataSync\SyncToCPM

3. Rename BackupConfiguration.xml
Path: C:\Program Files\Arcserve\Unified Data Protection\Engine\Configuration\BackupConfiguration.xml

Note : After Performing above steps the  UDP agent binding with UDP console is Removed.

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