arcserve-KB : Recovery Point Server Deduplication Data Store Creation on Devices with Native Software/Hardware Deduplication Enabled

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:46:13 UTC


When creating/configuring a CA arcserve UDP Recovery Point Server (RPS) deduplication data store, it is NOT recommended that it be created on disks that are configured to use software or hardware -deduplication. 


You can either:

·         Configure the CA arcserve UDP RPS data store to NOT utilize the deduplication function, and instead let the disk’s software/hardware process the data and provide the deduplication result.

·         Make  sure the disks used for the CA arcserve UDP RPS deduplication data store do NOT use software/hardware-deduplication.

The reason for this is the overhead of the twodeduplication processes will usually cause an excessive overhead resulting in performance degradation, including the possibility of failing jobs, while not achieving much more data reduction.  

So consider the benefits of using both source side deduplication as well as global deduplication provided by the CA arcserve UDP RPS data store configured with the deduplication function enabled, instead of  letting Third-Party vendors software/hardware handle all deduplication for CA arcserve Unified Data Protection recovery points.

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