arcserve-KB : UDP Virtual Standby - Does an incremental backup run when a Virtual Standby Task is added to a Plan

Last Update: 2016-11-23 11:48:29 UTC


In arcserve UDP Virtual Standby can be added as a secondary task to a Plan.
With R16.5  ARcserve Central Virtual Standby when a node is added to a Virtual Standby policy, an incremental job will be triggered on the source and then the Virtual Standby conversion job will be run. 


With UDP Virtual Standby, the VSB conversion job will be run after the next scheduled incremental job. There is no implicit incremental job that will be triggered here.

The first VSB conversion job will be a smart copy job ie. if the source node as 10 recovery points, they will be consolidated as 1 single snapshot on the Virtual Standby Virtual Machine.

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