arcserve-KB : "Console Alert: Plan Deployment Failed"

Last Update: 2017-10-05 17:06:12 UTC

Error Message:

'Unable to apply 'backup settings' to node ''. (Invalid user credentials)' 
'Console Alert: Plan Deployment Failed'
'Initialize backup destination failed. The specified location is not accessible...',


UDP version :5.0

The above errors appeared as the customer changed the administrator password.


Whenever the administrator account password changes, we need to remember to update passwords in three places:
1.Updating password for each node,
2.Updating the Recovery Point Server
3.Updating the Administrator account (under Configuration).
Open UDP console >Resources >Right click on ESX server and update username and password.

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  • Avatar
    Dan Roth
    This does not resolve the errors I am having. The plans still fail to deploy due to issues with RpS however I updated the credentials there and can browse both Datastores without a problem.
  • Avatar
    Mella Brown

    This didn't my issue as well. I have also update the credentials...

  • Avatar
    prashant amberkar

    I have done all this this things but still issue hasnt solved.

  • Avatar
    Heather Baseler

    I've gone through all this too and it continues to fail.

  • Avatar
    William O'Donnell

    I found a solution to the problem accompanying the error "'Initialize backup destination failed. The specified location is not accessible...',".

    The agent in question was able to ping the recovery point server, however only by explicitly specifiying the IP. I believe the agent was trying to access the data store by hostname and was unable to resolve the IP. Adding a line to my host file on the agent PC fixed this problem.