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arcserve-KB : "Console Alert: Plan Deployment Failed"

Last Update: 2017-07-21 20:47:35 UTC

Error Message:

'Unable to apply 'backup settings' to node ''. (Invalid user credentials)' 
'Console Alert: Plan Deployment Failed'
'Initialize backup destination failed. The specified location is not accessible...',


UDP version :5.0

The above errors appeared as the customer changed the administrator password.


Whenever the administrator account password changes, we need to remember to update passwords in three places:
1.Updating password for each node,
2.Updating the Recovery Point Server
3.Updating the Administrator account (under Configuration).
Open UDP console >Resources >Right click on ESX server and update username and password.

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  • Avatar
    Dan Roth
    This does not resolve the errors I am having. The plans still fail to deploy due to issues with RpS however I updated the credentials there and can browse both Datastores without a problem.
  • Avatar
    Mella Brown

    This didn't my issue as well. I have also update the credentials...

  • Avatar
    prashant amberkar

    I have done all this this things but still issue hasnt solved.

  • Avatar
    Heather Baseler

    I've gone through all this too and it continues to fail.