arcserve-KB : Failed to import the data store because no valid configuration information was retrieved from the backup destination folder.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:01:40 UTC

Error Message:


After you receive the external media device, as a remote administrator, attach the external media device to the remote recovery point server and import the data store and if specifying incorrect folder from the external device as the destination folder will fail to import data store.


In this case we happened to see that while importing a Data Store the Backup Destination Folder location in external device was incorrectly selected.

You need to point to folder on external drive were following files listed which got copied while performing Jumpstart.

Once we point it to correct destination folder in external device we can now import Data Store successfully and continue to copy data from the external media device.

More Information:

Refer ' How to Manually  Replicate Data to a Remote RPS Server using RPS Jumpstart '

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